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How important is a logo to your business?

June 28, 2016

The most powerful brand identity tool

I’m sure you have heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well although it sounds cliche, that’s true. And in the business world, image is everything. How do you want people to perceive the image of your business? What is the first thing you want people to remember about your company? Well that’s pretty much the work that plays the logo of your business.

The logo’s importance lies in its visual nature because most people will identify and make a connection to images faster than they do to text. So it is essential that your logo has a very specific and exclusive meaning, that will make you distinctive from other businesses in your field.

Besides creating the image of your business, there are really great benefits of having a logo. It will mirror the company’s values and principles and authenticate the identity of your company, also it will be your most powerful marketing and advertising tool and will solidify your client’s loyalty.

Well, at this point maybe you already understand the importance of having a logo for your business, but now the question is... how to design a logo?

A good logo should be unique, attractive but most important, comprehensible to potential customers. There are countless options of color, visual elements and typography, but in general a logo should give some information about the company without ignoring the following five important design elements:

1. Describable
2. Memorable
3. Effective without colour
4. Scalable
5. Relevant to your industry

Many businesses often play it fast-and-loose with their logos, paying low attention to their proper size and positioning and surrounding them with unnecessary materials that compete with them visually. Your logo could be the best weapon to building a recognizable brand, if you don’t take it lightly. So don’t make the same mistake and invest the time in developing a GREAT logo!

Include your logo in your profile image

June 27, 2016

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Using your logo as your profile image is a good general rule of thumb.


Because it’s a way for your audience to immediately recognize your brand when it appears on:

- Their News feed
- Posts on your page's Timeline
- Replies in their comments
- Comments & posts you make on other pages while using your page
- The Cover photo on your Timeline

Example photos: X uses its logo across its social media platforms.

Recommendations for a Strong Facebook Profile Pic:

1. Use an image that is recognizable on all social platforms
2. Stick with a high-quality photo or logo that brands your company well
3. Minimize or eliminate all text
4. Don't change it very often

How to create a Facebook Business Page?

June 27, 2016

Create your own Business Page in 3 steps!

#1 Create a new page

First thing's first! To have access to the Facebook page creator you need to login your Facebook Personal Profile. Then, click on the triangle and select Create Page.

#2 Choose the right Page for your Business

Facebook offers you 6 different types of Pages:

Local Business: Perfect if your business has a physical location where customers can visit and buy your products.
Company: For organization, institution, online store or any business managed from home.
Brand: This option will fit you if you are going to manage an specific brand or product. For example Toyota has a Brand Page only for Prius.
Public Figure: For individuals like bloggers, artists, photographers, designers, etc.
Entertainment: For the entertainment industry like books, movies, TV programmes, Sport teams, theaters, etc.
Cause: For charities, social activism or non-profit organizations.

Each one, initially, will request you different details information. If you are not sure about the right category for your business, don’t worry, you can change it later. So, go ahead, enter the information and click on Get Started.

#3 Setting up your Business Page

Once you click on Get Started, no matter the Page type you select, it will appear the following Set Up page. If you are not sure about what to write, you can skip it and fill it later. But don’t forget to do it because that is going to help your Business Page to rank better on Google.

1. About

What your Page is about: Enter a brief and concise description of your business using some keywords. That will help your page appear on Google when someone search for those words.

Username: Facebook allows you to choose the username of your Business Page ( Take your time to think for something meaningful and easy to type for your customers, because you only have one chance to get it right. Also, you can not use space between words, you can only use letters, numbers and “.”.

2. Profile Picture
Choose an image that represent your business like your logo. You’ll need a square image so don't miss any details. If you prefer a professional profile picture and cover image for your business you can order it here.

3. Add to Favorites
Facebook allows you to add your New Page to your favourite list so you can easily access to the Manage Page.

3. Preferred Page Audience
Anyone will be able to find your Page. But Facebook will request you about specific details from the audience you want to reach. Thus your page will be displayed more to the people that matter.

And that’s all! You have already created your Business Page.

How to Review your Gimme Creative Orders

August 31, 2012


Recently some of our clients have been having trouble with our order review system on our website, so we're going to walk you through the process and make sure that you are hitting all the major points and not leaving anything out.

1. After you've logged in at, click on the Reviewing tab below the order search box. This is where we send your order when we have finished designing it (at least for the time being) and are waiting for you to review it. Find the order you want to review and click on it.

2. When you have clicked on your order, it should have a set of design compositions ready for you to review and comment on. Click on them to enlarge them and comment on them. The sort of comments we need to make your designs better are comments like this: Are the fonts correct? Do the colors look good? Is the design organized and spaced correctly? Are there typos? Does it convey the feel and attitude you want? Please leave the answers to these questions and similar comments in the comment box.

When you have left your comment, please check the appropriate box. If you like what you see more than the other designs but it isn't quite what you want yet, check the Best of Set box. If you are perfectly satisfied with the design you see and want it published, click the Ready to be Published box. When you have finished commenting and clicked the right box, click on the Save Changes button.

3. If you haven't uploaded an image or picture yet for us to use, please do. There should be a box to upload images below the designs which are ready for you to review. If you have any comments for how you want the image to look, what needs to be changed, or how you want the image to be used, please enter them into the comment box. When you have entered the comments you want and found the image, click the Update button.

4. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! When you have finished reviewing your designs, left comments, picked the ones you liked most, and uploaded new images, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button marked, “Send Reviews back to Designer for another Round.” If you do not click this button when you are finished reviewing, none of the information you entered will be sent back to the designers! Your order will remain in the Reviewing section and we won't know what you want until you do this.

5. After you have sent your order back to the designers, check back soon! We will put your order in the Reviewing section soon, and you can repeat the process until you get the designs you want. Enjoy your new designs!


Why Your Business Should be on Facebook – Part 2

August 27, 2012


Why would you pay through the nose for advertising in TV, radio, and print when you can save a fortune by going online? Facebook is so cost-effective that ignoring it would be like walking when you can teleport. All it costs is a computer with an internet connection. If you're reading this you already have those. Now all you need is your pertinent business info and some pictures and bang! Your Facebook page is now a permanent, extremely low-cost ad and a forum for your customers.

If you build it, they will eventually navigate to your page through a web search. How so? In August of 2006, the website for Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment crashed because 68 million people tried to see their website. Why? Their site was That, of course, was an accident, but people are searching for your kind of business all of the time, and putting up a page on Facebook is cheaper and just as effective as having your own website. Regardless of how you think people on Facebook are using their time, that's when they might find you.

Please understand, putting your business on Facebook and inviting your customers to “Friend” you is not the same as a personal relationship. Your best friend doesn't talk to you every day, and you won't do that to your customers, either. You are a business, and if the phone company called you every day you'd pull the line out. Facebook is a very informal place where you can be yourself and your customers can find you, and you only need to drop them a line once a week or so. And when you do, you will really only be reaching your core customer base anyway because only your more avid customers will connect with you. That makes it easy for you, because you've already earned their trust. So get on Facebook and represent your business. No one else will.

Why Your Business Should be on Facebook

August 23, 2012


Facebook is a waste of time.

People spend too much time on Facebook and I have better things to do.

Facebook relationships aren't real.


These are just a few of the reasons you've told yourself and others more than once why you aren't on Facebook. Frankly, it makes perfect sense. What can you do on Facebook that you can't do with email? How is this better than making friends in real life? If I really cared about these people I would talk to them more often than the mass update that is my Christmas letter, so why should I get on  Facebook and be their “friend” when I'll still only talk to them (and I use the term loosely) at the end of the year?


The problem with this mentality is that you are thinking about using Facebook as a PERSON.

For a BUSINESS on Facebook, it's a whole different ball game. Take a second and think about it.


Business relationships are less maintenance than personal relationships because it's not personal, it's just business. You don't need to like them, you don't have to have fun with them, you don't have to completely understand them and accept them for who they are. All that matters is that you have something they want and you want to give it to them for a price. You may think Facebook relationships aren't real, but some are stronger than the ones you have with your customers. And if your customers can find you on Facebook, then you should reach out to them because they want to have a relationship with your business. So why not have a Facebook page for your customers?


Next week we're going to  lay out how Facebook can do what you want for your business.


Facebook Posting Ideas #5 – Go behind the scenes

August 21, 2012


Did you ever take apart one of your toys when you were a kid? Remember how there were wires and screws and small computer chips and springs? You didn't do that? Well, you should have. It was a great learning experience.

I bring this up because the sad truth is that often times when we visit a business we tend to view the employees as just nuts and bolts and cogs in a corporate machine, especially if they wear uniforms. While employees do represent their business and should act accordingly, sometimes we treat them like scum because we forget that they are people, too

Facebook is the perfect venue to convince your users/friends/customers/fans that you are not scum or mindless drones. One way to do this would be to take pictures of your employees and management. Show them at work in their office or other workspace smiling, because who doesn't want to be happy doing what they're paid to do? Maybe your office looks really cool, or Jerry's cubicle is really decked out. Pictures from work and the people at work humanize your business and ground it in reality: your business isn't just a bland office somewhere, THIS is what it looks like. Also, sharing events (the first blog in this discussion) is a great way to show your business at its best, cutting loose and having fun.

You can even express some opinions. We're not talking Chick-Fil-A-style opinions, but feel free to comment on something you like or find interesting. If there is a story in the news that topically relates to your business, share it with or without your opinion to see what people think. If you liked the latest movie, plug it. Sharing ideas and opinions (judiciously) on Facebook makes your business feel less like a business and more like a friend. But remember, you won't feel like a friend at all unless you share something about your business on a personal level.

We hope that these tips have been helpful. Good luck with your social media experience!

Facebook Posting Ideas #4 – Sales, Promotions, and Contests

August 16, 2012


Everybody likes to save money at sales. Those who succeed have bragging rights: they not only got the dress everyone is envious of, they practically stole it. Promotions are the same way. Even if the winner was determined by a random drawing or lottery, the winner feels superior to everyone else who participated. The winners and customers feel better about themselves, and it is paramount for every business to do this for their customers

But it's not enough to run a sale or promotion. You have to advertise it, and advertising works best when you use whatever medium you have at your disposal. Facebook has such a wide reach that you can reach a Superbowl-sized audience at a fraction of the cost. It would be foolish to ignore such a cost-effective medium.

However, there are some caveats. If you want to run a contest on Facebook you need an app for it because it is against Facebook policy to run a contest that uses Facebook's functionality (Liking a page/post/comment) to participate. Sometimes a business will get caught and their profile will be taken down, so play it safe and don't run contests that way. However, if you get a third party like Gimme Creative to set up an app for you, that's okay.

Secondly, promotions on Facebook are not thrown out like the coupons in the newspaper. If you put something up, it will stay there until it is taken down. It's really frustrating for a user if they see your contest and get excited, but then see that it ended three months ago. Make sure that you take down old promotions and contests when they expire. If you replace it with a new one, that's even better.

Thirdly, remember to diversify your offers and contests. If you have more than one product or service, then plug those as well. Having different contests and promotions over time is a way of educating your market on what you have to offer. Of course it's important to focus on your most important service or product, but that may not be what is most important to some of your audience. As the Major said in Ghost in the Shell, “Overspecialize, and you breed in weakness.”

Facebook Posting Ideas #3 – How To's and Quick Tips

August 14, 2012


You have to spend money to make money in business, and sometimes sharing a tip or a how-to with customers it just feels like you're losing money. But there are upsides to doing this. First, by sharing with your customers the simple fixes that they sometimes need, your customers will think that your business is honest and visit you for the more serious jobs. Second, it also shows that you are knowledgable and competent in your field. Third, exposure! Do your competitors do what you do? As well?

With how-to's, make sure that you are using the right medium for the task at hand. For example, on this blog we have given you several how-to's for how to make your Facebook page work for you. However, getting instructions as a list isn't as helpful when you're doing something like changing a tire or turning down the heat on your water heater. You may need to present these as a video, which you can easily do on a YouTube account for your business. But remember, the quality of your video needs to be at a certain level to be taken seriously.

Facebook Posting Ideas #2 – Celebrate Milestones

August 9, 2012


The next time you're on the road, keep an eye out for a McDonald's. If you see one that is relatively new, chances are good that their sign doesn't just say “McDonald's.” Underneath many McDonald's signs is the tagline “billions and billions served.” They officially served their one-billionth hamburger many moons ago in 1963. Regardless of what you think about McDonald's, I think that I would be ecstatic to the point of insanity if I sold one million of anything, let alone one billion.

But you don't have to wait that long or go that high. You were excited when you opened your second store, hired your fiftieth employee, or had five years of business. Whatever milestone you reach, take a second on Facebook and toot your own horn. Throw a party or run a sale if you want, but let your connections on Facebook know that you are happy, excited and optimistic. It shows people that your business is moving up in the world and that everyone connected, especially your customers, is a part of that.

Of course, in order to do that you have to keep track. You don't have to count burgers, but sharing your excitement about anniversaries, expansions and the like is a way of thanking your customers. Who doesn't like to be thanked?