What You Get

Our goal is to make Facebook look and feel a little more like YOUR business, rather than Facebook's business. A custom designed Profile Pic and Cover Photo that show off your brand are just what it takes.


Profile Pic

We will design a custom Profile Pic for your business. We start with your company logo, and identify an iconic image for you. It is critical that you have a great Profile Pic as it will be used to represent your company all over Facebook. We know where and we know how to make it look good.

Cover Photo

Your Cover Photo acts as a billboard of sorts for your business on your Facebook page. Don't settle for just a simple picture that you can upload yourself. We'll help you craft a marketing message and image that makes you stand out from your competition.

What Not To Do

Sure, Facebook gives you a FREE page. But if you don't do anything with it, it will end up looking like the picture below. NO Cover Photo. NO Custom URL. UNINTERESTING Profile Pic. Your business will never get anywhere in the social media world with a Facebook page like this.

We Make You Look Good

The example below is the same company as the image above. The difference is that this one has been "Gimme-ized". We've created a more interesting Profile Pic that helps the company stand out. The Cover Photo is now a promotional billboard with an impactful image that will help your customers recognize how great your company is. The Custom URL makes it easy for the business to advertise their business and gather fans. What's the difference? Night and Day.


After your design is approved, we'll launch your new Facebook presence and notify you when it is live. You tell the world it is there and start making Facebook work for your business.


YouTube Icon

All of your videos have just a few pixels to show that they come from you. We help you declare ownership with your icon and get credit for your work. The goal is to draw people back to your channel, make sure your YouTube icon works for you!

YouTube Customization and Background

You can do more than just post videos on YouTube. Make the most of it by having your channel background customized to match the look and feel of your business. When your videos draw people into your channel, make sure that they know that they have arrived.


Twitter Icon

Don’t settle for some generic colored egg! When your twitter followers see you make sure they know who it is that they are working with. Your Twitter Icon says a lot in a small image. We invest our time and energy to make sure your Twitter Icon communicates when you do.

Twitter Background

You have worked hard to get people’s attention on Twitter. When they come to your page your background sets you apart. We work with you to make a background that ties your efforts together.

Get Your Facebook
Down To Business

It's in the news every day... Facebook and social media is changing the way business is done. Our talented design team is ready to help you make the most of it.